Laboratory of Fine Mechanic and Nano-Technologies


Department of Machine Manufacturing Technology

B-dul Mangeron 59A /700050 Iasi (RO), Room: A-0-07

Coordinator: Professor  Dumitru Nedelcu, Ph.D.

Assistant Coordinator: Lecturer Ciprian Ciofu, Ph.D.

Tel. 0040 771 346 968





Fig.1. CNC Manufacturing Centre AKIRA SEIKI SR3

Fig.2. Rapid Prototyping Z310Plus

Fig. 3. Injection moulding machine SZ-600H

Fig.4. Milling CNC machine HIGH ZS-400

Fig. 5. Glass and plastic polished machine, SJK 2000

Fig. 6. Milling and boring machine, SM2502

Fig. 7. Polished machine JET typee

Fig. 8. Lathes Heinhell and MTB 3000


Fig. 9. Surtronic and TESA DuoSet measurement equipments

Fig.10. Rockell-Brinell 206

Fig.11. Optical system of bench-marks without contact, Kestrel System K/S/DL Vision

Fig. 12. Raise3D Pro2 Plus

Fig.13. HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3

Fields of expertise:

√ The applications and use of the CNC Manufacturing centre Akira Seiki SR3. Rapid Manufacturing of the complex parts in high volume production with high speed;

√ The applications and use of the Rapid Prototyping physical models. Rapid and Innovative Manufacturing of the complex pieces, in small and medium volume production;
√ The applications and use of the Injection of composite materials. Could be injected different types of pieces until 90g;
√ The applications and use of the micro-milling with CNC program. Could be obtained the 3D manufacturing pieces;
√ The applications and use for glass and plastic pieces. Could obtained polished lens for glasses.
√ The applications and use for milling and boring pieces. This equipment allowed us to obtain different types of milled and bored pieces.
√ The applications and use for different types of polished pieces. Could be polished frontal and planed surfaces.
√ The optical and electronic control for complex pieces.

R&D infrastructure:

√ CNC Manufacturing Centre Akira Seiki SR3 (Fig.1) with vertical head and 16 fixed tools;
√ The Rapid Prototyping Z310Plus (Fig.2). This equipment creates physical models directly from the digital panel in a very short time, that is a few hours instead of days;
√ The Injection Moulding Machine SZ-600H (Fig.3). Could be obtained the injected complex pieces from composite materials until 90g/piece;
√ The CNC milling machine ZS-400 (Fig.4). This machine working on 3 axes and has a possibility to copy a form using a special head;
√ The polished machine for plastic SJK 2000 (fig.5). This machine is used for frontal pieces parts to be polished.
√ The milling and boring machine SM 2502 (Fig. 6) is used to fine mechanics manufacturing of small with high precision.
√ The polished machine JET type (Fig. 7). Could be used for frontal and plan surfaces polishing of different metals.
√ The different types of fine mechanics lathes (Fig.8).
√ Some control equipments, such as: roughness control-Surtronic and Tesa DuoSet (Fig.9)
√ The Rockell-Brinell 206 equipment (Fig. 10).
√ The Optical system of bench-marks without contact, Kestrel System K/S/DL VISION (Fig. 11). This equipment could be used to check the complex dimensions of different pieces at 10X, 20X and 50X power.

√ The 3D Printer RAISE3D Pro2 Plus (Fig. 12).

√ The HP Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 (Fig.13).
√ The general views of laboratory (Fig.14).


The team has 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 1 senior-lecturer and 3 research assistants. It is offered both, consultancy and training in the above mentioned fields of expertise for industry and others interested institutions. It is, also, offered consultancy and applied research on contractual bases.

Access to lab facilities

The consultancy, cooperation and access to the research facilities are made on contractual bases.


The laboratory is certificated by CERTIND Association with certificate number 1751C/2008 and re-certificate by ESYD Association-Greece with 284/2008 certificate number for Quality Management System SR EN ISO 9001:2001.

Research projects

1. Project PN2/Program 4-partenership, Contract nr. 71-071/18.09.2007, Coordinator: Technical University „Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi, Project title: Advanced researches concerning the obtaining of composite materials with particles reinforcement and multilayer reinforcement(Project manager: Nedelcu Dumitru)

2. Project CEEX/CNI-ICAF/Program Relansin, Contract nr. 127-CEEX MI/27.07.2006, Coordinator: Technical University „Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi, Project title: Advanced research concerning the intermetallic nanocompounds from the interface of the Al – C fibers composites (Project manager: Nedelcu Dumitru)

3. Project Relansin, Contract 1733/2003, Coordinator: Tehnoton SA Iaşi, Partner: Technical University „Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi, project title: Electronic automated system for tax-detailed fare collection and for centralizing administration data in public passenger transport, (Partner project manager UTI: Nedelcu Dumitru)

4. Project Relansin, Contract 1732/2003, Coordinator: Tehnoton SA Iaşi, Partener: Universitatea Tehnică „Gh. Asachi” Iaşi, Project Title: System of fuel supply with selective car access and automatic data collection status, (Project manager and partner project manager UTI: Nedelcu Dumitru)


Fig. 14. The general views of the laboratory

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