Articles in Journals (Selection)

Papers submitted:

1. Hargovind Soni, Narendranath S, Ramesh M R, Dumitru Nedelcu, Investigation of input process parameters of wire electro discharge machining of Ti50Ni50-xCox, (x=1 and 5) alloys using hybrid combinations of multi objective optimization techniques, Measurement, IF 2,359

Papers Accepted/Published:

1. Andrei Mazurchevici, Dumitru Nedelcu, Eduard Laurentiu Nitu, Sever-Gabriel Racz, Ramona Popa, (2019),  Additive Manufacturing of Composite Materials by FDM Technology: A Review, Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences, manuscript accepted, IF: 0,543.

2. Esteban Broitman, Dumitru Nedelcu, Simona Mazurchevici, Hervè Glenat, Stefano Grillo, (2019), Tribological and Nanomechanical Behaviour of Liquid Wood, Journal of Tribology – Transactions of the ASME,  141(2), Paper No: TRIB-18-1012, doi: 10.1115/1.4041074, IF 1.787

3.Simona Mazurchevici, Fabrizio Quadrini, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2018), The Liquid Wood Heat Flow and Material Properties as a Function of Temperature, Materials Research Express, doi: 10.1088/2053-1591/aab17c, 5(3), 1-7, IF 1,151

4.Abhinaba Roy, Narendra Nath S, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2017), Experimental  investigation on variation of output responses of as cast TiNiCu shape memory alloys using EDM, International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, IX(1), 90-101

5. Dumitru Nedelcu, Nicoleta Monica Lohan, Irina Volf, Radu Comaneci, (2016), Thermal behaviour and stability of the Arboform® LV3 Nature liquid wood, Composites Part B: Engineering, 103, 84-89, IF: 4.920

6. Dumitru Nedelcu, Loredana Santo, Antonio Gabriel Santos, Plavanescu Simona, (2015), Mechanical Behaviour Evaluation of Arboform Material Samples by Bending Deflection Test, Materiale Plastice, 52(4), 423-426, IF 1,248.

7. Dorin Vaideanu, Simona Plavanescu (Mazurchevici), Elena Puiu Costescu, Dumitru Nedelcu, Maricel Agop, (2015), Fractal Logic Elements of Some Biodegradable Materials and Their Environmental Implications, The Annals of “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi, Fascicle IX, Metallurgy and Materials Science, Special Issue, 13-18

8. Radu Comăneci, Luchian Zaharia,  Dumitru Nedelcu (2015), Combining circular-to-rectangular direct extrusion and equal channel angular pressing: analysis and simulation, IJEMS, 22, 527-533, IF 0,543.

9.Viorel Paunoiu, Mamane Abdou Saadatou, Dumitru Nedelcu, Mircea Octavian,(2015),  Experimental and numerical investigations of sheet metal circular bending, IJEMS, 22, 487-496, IF 0,543.

10. Dumitru Nedelcu, Simona Plavanescu (Mazurchevici), Viorel Paunoiu (2015), Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Injection Molded Arboform Parts, IJEMS, 22, 534-540, IF 0,543.

11. Carausu, C., Pruteanu, O., Ciofu, C., Nedelcu D., (2015), Bearings Rings Processing by Cold Plastic Deformation, Physics and Technics, 2, 53-57.

12. Simona Plavanescu, Fabrizio Quadrini, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2015), Tensile test for Arboform samples, Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis-Technical Series, 66(1), doi: 10.1515/aucts-2015-0044, 147-152

13. Dumitru NedelcuRadu Comaneci, (2014), Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Technology of Samples obtained by Injection from Arboblend, Special Issue on Evolution of Engineering, Technologies and Materials, ModTech2013 International Conference, 27-29 June, Sinaia, Romania, Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences, 21, 272-276, IF: 0,543.

14. Teodor Daniel Mîndru, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2014), Study of microindentation and differential scanning calorimetry of reinforced polyamide, Special Issue on Evolution of Engineering, Technologies and Materials, Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences, 21, 333-340,  IF: 0,543.

15. Dumitru Nedelcu, Ciprian Ciofu, Nicoleta Monica Lohan, (2013), Microindentation and Differential Scanning Calorimetry of “Liquid Wood”, Composites Part B: Engineering, doi: 10.1016/j.compositesb.2013.05.024 , 55, 11-15, IF: 4.920

16. Dumitru Nedelcu, (2013), Investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of samples obtained by injection from Arbofill, Composites Part B: Engineering, 47, 126–129, doi: 10.1016/jcompositesb.2012.11.023, IF: 4.920

17. Dumitru Nedelcu, Ioan Carcea, (2013), Technology for Obtaining Samples of Layered Composite Material with Metallic Matrix, Metals and Materials International, 19(1), 105~112, doi: 10.1007/s12540-013-1017-2, IF: 1,952.

18. Ioan Carcea, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2012), Technology for obtaining composite material with metallic matrix and Si-C particles, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 27(6), 694-701, published by: Taylor & Francis, DOI: 10.1080/10426914.2011.602786, IF: 2,669.

19. Dumitru Nedelcu, Andrei Stefan, Daniel Mindru, Simona Plavanescu, (2012), Flexural Properties of Samples Obtained from Liquid Wood,  Selected Engineering Problems Journal, ISSN 2299-954x, 3, 151-155, Gliwice, Poland, indexed by Index-Copernicus and BazTech.

20. Dumitru Nedelcu, I. Carcea, L. Tabacaru, C. Ciofu, (2011), Some aspects of processing and properties of composite material with Si-C particles, Acta Physica Polonica A, 120 (2), ISSN 0587-4246, 344-348, IF: 0,857.

21. Dumitru Nedelcu, Romeu Chelariu, Ciprian Ciofu, (2011), The structural analysis of composite materials reinforced with Si-C particles, Selected Engineering Problems Journal, 2, 273-281, Gliwice-Poland, indexed by Index-Copernicus and BazTech.

22. Badea Cristinel, Zagan Remus, Tăbăcaru Lucian, Axinte Eugen and Nedelcu Dumitru, (2011),Elimination techniques of microbiological agents in water purification processes with uv radiation, Journal of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation, 6(1), 51-62, ISSN 0126-2807, indexed by CABI, DOAJ, EBSCO, Geobase, Googlescholar, IndexCopernicus, OpenJ-Gate, Scirus.

23. Dumitru Nedelcu, Radu Comaneci, Romeu Chelariu, Lucian Tabacaru, (2010), Some experimental aspects concerning the stratified composite materials with metallic matrix, International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, II (2), 65-71 ISSN 2067-3604, indexed by Engineering Village-Inspec and Index Copernicus.

24. Dumitru Nedelcu, Daniel Mindru, Catalin Fetecau, Viorel Cohal, Gheorghe Cretu, (2010), Some aspects regarding the simulation of two-component injection process, Materiale Plastice, 47(2), ISSN 0025-5289, 225-230, IF: 1,248.

25. Dumitru Nedelcu, Radu Comaneci, Romeu Chelariu & Lucian Tabacaru, (2009), Overview of composite material technology with Si-C particles reinforcement International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, I (1), 57-63, ISSN 2067-3604, indexed by Engineering Village-Inspec and Index Copernicus.

26. Dumitru Nedelcu, Fetecau Catalin, Ciofu Ciprian, Mindru Daniel,  (2009), Aspects regarding the use of FEM for calculus performing at the injection moulding of a high accuracy part, Materiale Plastice, 46(3), 269-273, ISSN 0025-5289, IF: 1,248.

27. Dumitru Nedelcu, Romeo Chelariu, Lucian Tabacaru, (2009), Some considerations about the analyzing of traction break surface of reinforcement composite material with Si-C particles, Metalurgia International, 11, 69-72, ISSN 1582-2214, IF: 0,147.

28. Ion Postolache, Catalin Fetecau, Felicia Stan, Dumitru Nedelcu, 2009, Study of the polymer flow through tubular runner, Materiale Plastice, 46(4), 458-461, ISSN 0025-5289, IF: 1,248.

29. Dumitru Nedelcu, Lucian Tabacaru, Petru Dusa, Ioan Carcea, Viorel Cohal, 2009, Experimental researches regarding the samples from composite material with particles reinforcement, Metalurgia International, 11, 65-69, ISSN 1582-2214, IF: 0,147.

30. Petru Cobzaru, Dumitru Nedelcu, (2007),The reinforcement destruction simulation of an Al-Zn carbon fibers composite, Solid State Phenomena, Volume Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing, 124-126, Trans Tech Publications-Szitzerland-UK-USA, 1067-1071, ISSN 1012-0394, 1662-9779, 0377-6883, Online:

31. Cobzaru Petru, Nedelcu Dumitru, Tabacaru Lucian, Merticaru Vasile,  (2008), Aspecte ale cercetarilor asupra obtinerii materialelor compozite aluminiu-fibre de carbon, Annals of Ovidiu University, Mechanical series, X (1), 115-120, ISSN 1224-1776 (indexed by Engineering Village-Inspec).

32. Ciprian Ciofu, Dumitru Nedelcu, Chatter control during milling process of grooves shafts, International Scientific Journal Acta Universitatis Pontica Euxinus, VI (7), 37-41, ISSN 1312-1669, indexed by Engineering Village-Inspec and CSA.

33. Dumitru Nedelcu, (2007),The main aspects of economical and financial risk management in manufacturing engineering, Academic Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 5(2), 55-60, ISSN 1583-7904, indexed by Index Copernicus.

34. Dumitru Nedelcu, Ciprian Ciofu, Petru Cobzaru, (2007), The aspects regarding technological parameters influences above precision and profile error of shafts groove obtained using cold plastic method, Machine Building and Electrical Engineering Journal, 1-2, Machinintelekt-Ltd publisher, 80-83, ISSN 1313-0226.

35. Dumitru Nedelcu, Petru Cobzaru, Danut Burdia, (2006), Investigation methods of  long-range deformation forces for forming of different profile using cold plastic deformation, Machine Building and Electrical Engineering Journal, 5-6, 64-67, 2006, ISSN 0025-455X

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