Ph.D. Students



First year of study: Ing. Iustina Motas

Ing. Marius Aldea


Third year of study:

 Ing. Alina Marguta  


Prolongation period of study:
Ing. Valeriu Alazaroaie
Prologantion period of study: Ing. Andrei Mazurchevici


Prologantion period of study:

Ing. Daniel Marguta
Ing. Catalin Coman


Prologantion period of study:

Ing. Daniel Chirita, Cylinders honing  with small diameters and volume

Ing. Pavel IureaContributions on the influence of process parameters on residual stresses in bearing rings manufacturing Ing. Camelia Neagu-Cogalniceanu, Theoretical and experimental considerations for glass processing using fusing method



PhD’s in industrial engineering  


Dr. Ing. Teodor Daniel Mîndru, Contributions to the study and modeling of injection process of reinforced plastic parts Dr.Ing. Claudiu Burian, Contributions concerning the data management of welded parts Fiz. Simona Plavanescu, Contributions to the study of obtaining reinforced parts from biodegradable materials by injection moulding
 Ing. Elena Puiu Costescu, Contributions of the biocomposites behavior during the injection process  


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